Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm really lucky to have so many drawers and cabinets in my room. I have assigned a drawer to each student to keep materials in. 

My file cabinet covered in polka dot fabric (by my stepmom... I have no patience in dealing with fabric!)  It is just folded and pinned. The top is the zebra placemat/whiteboard from Hobby Lobby.  Notice there is not a picture of the front, still can't figure out what to do with that!  

This was an idea I saw on Pinterest.  My husband painted the fridge with a black glossy paint. I then tried to add painted dots.  The paint just slid off.  So, I ended up cutting dots with a Cricut and then running the dots through a sticker machine.  
My theme this year is polka dots.  I got the idea from "Teaching in Flip Flops" blog . This is the entryway into my classroom.
This is my favorite thing in my room!  I think it was an old music storage cabinet . I found it in the old band room looking pretty disgusting.  I dragged it down to my room against the custodian's wishes.  I told her I thought I could make it fabulous.  I think it turned out pretty fabulous!!  I put duct tape around the edges.  For the top, I covered it with some zebra "whiteboards" that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  They fit perfectly.  It works great for storing the one inch binders that kids keep in my room.  Love it!!
The bulletin board above this cabinet includes a printable that I got for free from Teaching in Flip Flops.

Found this on Pinterest.  The letters were a freebie from Create-Teach-Share. I printed them and then mounted onto cute scrapbook paper.  Thanks to Create-Teach-Share for the letters and the Boggle printable.  Saved me so much time and turned out great.  

Love my lanterns!  Pier 1.

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