Saturday, January 19, 2013

Successful lesson alert!  I'm using the Harvey & Goudvis Comprehension Toolkit in my Lang. Arts class.  The focus in this lesson was questioning the text as we read.  My students, like I have said before, are the "level 1" students in our differentiated model.  They struggle with decoding, so comprehension is definitely a struggle.  The H & G lesson suggested reading "The Mary Celeste, An Unsolved Mystery From History" by Jane Yolen.  The text was far above my kids' reading levels, but we did this as a read aloud.  I modeled my thinking and questioning, and then gave the kids this interactive notebook sheet to follow along with my reading.  We worked together as a class to ask questions and to notice when our questions were answered.  Next, they tried it on their own, while I paused at the end of each page to allow for them to write down any questions they had, or any answers they had noticed.  The lesson became successful for me, when I noticed students (not all) using the strategy while reading another book on their own reading level.  One student even recreated the format in her notebook and was using it to track her questions and answers!  I have to celebrate the small things!  Somedays this level tests my patience, but the rewards are great!                                                                                                        Interactive Notebook - Questioning the Text


  1. I'll have to pass your comment on to Ann Goudvis next time I see her. We used to be on the same tennis team. Anyway, she'll be happy to know it works for you!

  2. Wow! That is so exciting. I feel like she is a celebrity because our district is studying her book and implementing it this year. Thanks for the comment!