Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Fridays are Wikispaces days in my ELA classes this year.  Our school differentiates for Reading and Math.  I teach the "level one" class which has been quite a challenge for me, but very rewarding on most days.  Everyone in my class receives progress monitoring every other week, and many once a week, I have started using Wikispaces as a way to create time for me to do the progress monitoring, while at the same time providing a fun, creative thinking type project for students to work on during those days.  I got the idea from a blog somewhere two summers ago.  I feel bad, because I can't remember which blog I got this from to give them credit!

Each student created a "homework" page on his/her individual Wiki.  I spend a little time on the day before introducing a web tool such as ToonDoo, Pixton, Glogster, Voki, etc. I make sure they know how to access the site, how to use the tools and how to save.  Then on Friday, I quickly give them an assignment to complete with the web tool.  One example we have done is to explain the conflict in the story in a three panel cartoon.  While I am out progress monitoring for fluency and comprehension, they work on this project with my para in the classroom.  When they finish, they embed the "widget" on their Wikispace.  I can grade it from there, and as a bonus, their parents can look at these from home. 

If it is something you could use, feel free to copy and paste anything you find onto your own Wikispace.  These are free for students and have such a wide application.  It's easy to create bulk users so that each of your students can have their very own.  I created a student notebook "cheat sheet" as a reminder of how to embed a widget, as well as a password file in which to keep all their log in information for different sites we may use.  You can download these for free if interested. 
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