Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get off the Escalator!

Have you seen this video?  Have you shown it to your class?  I've shown this to my classes for the past few years.  I just get so frustrated with students not thinking on their own to solve problems.  I've seriously had kids come up to ask me what to do with a piece of trash they found under their desk!  Of course after showing the video you should have a discussion about what types of things are "worthy" of asking the teacher and what types of things they could figure out on their own.  I try to be careful not to make students scared to come ask me a question.  I don't want to send the wrong message that they shouldn't need to ask me any questions.  How do you get students to take initiative and problem solve?  I'd love to hear some suggestions!


  1. This is a great video! I will definitely share it with my 3rd graders.

  2. I've seen this video, laughed til I hurt, and then thought-Oh, no, some of my students really might do this!! :)

    I think I'll show it to them at the beginning of next year and do what you suggested-brainstorm things that are appropriate to ask the teacher and things that are NOT!!

    I'm your newest follower.

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