Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break

Get your coupons here!
Hello everyone!  I made it to Spring Break!  Why is it that the days leading up to a break are so mega stressful?  It seems like I finally make it through those tough days, only to get sick during my break.  This time, it is a rash...on my face!  Ugh!  At least I have a few days off to recuperate my face without having to put on makeup.  We are now in the countdown until the last day of school.  In my district, we have only 8 weeks to go after we return. I want to enjoy the rest of this year and not just "wish it away".  I love my homeroom class and know that I will miss them next year.  So, in order to do that, I'm challenging myself to focus on the positive behaviors instead of getting sucked in to the negative.  As a reminder (and I need all of those that I can get!), I'm going to print one of these Pinterest inspired "Caught Being Good" coupon sheets every day.  My goal is to give all the coupons out by the end of the day by looking for the students who do those positive little things that too often go unnoticed.   Feel free to download one for yourself...FREE!  I'm still not blog savvy enough to know how to make it so that you can just download it from this page, so you will have to go through my TpT store.  I WILL learn that this summer. :)  How do you stay positive right to the end?

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