Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Website Wednesday

OK, I'm stealing borrowing the Website Wednesday idea from my friend Katie from Mind Sparks. If you haven't tried the Learnzillion website, do that today.  There are three reasons why I heart this site. 

1.  It is free and probably always will be.  (I hate it when they hook you in for free and then start charging.  Not to name names, but....Glogster!)

2. You can search lessons by Common Core standard. 

3.  The lessons are ready to use slideshow/videos and are streamlined and simple.

4.  You can assign students certain lessons as homework (or as a center) by simply giving them a code to use.

I guess there are MORE than 3 reasons I love this site. 

I have applied to be part of their "dream team" of teachers who will be creating the next 4,000 lessons for the site.  When do I find out if I was chosen?  Today!  Sadly, I haven't found out yet.  I'm breaking out in a rash while I sit and wait for that email.  Regardless if I make it, you should go check it out.  Be sure to click on the "Common Core Navigator".  That is the best way I have found to understand how the site is set up.  Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Ohhhh Shari.....I love you! You can borrow from me anytime.....lord knows I do that to you!!!