Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Fact/Opinion Activity

Blog post #2 for the day!

We have 19 more days of school!  I know some states and districts are in school much longer, but I'm so glad we're close to the finish line.  I have really enjoyed this year, but I'm ready for summer.  The kids are evidently feeling the same way, which is showing up in their behavior and motivation.  Out of sheer survival instinct, I have been more creative in my lesson planning lately.  (This could possibly be because I've been so busy that I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants.... I tend to be more creative in those situations!)  However it happened, I actually think it is working to keep kids engaged AND keep my sanity. My secret weapon:  CREATION!  A few days ago, I blogged about students creating screencasts for a lower grade level.  That was a hit!  Talk about student engagement and motivation!  Wow! 

The next thing they created were advertisements using both facts and opinions.  They were able to choose what they were selling.  This could be a service or product.  They were very creative and most chose to create a business like "Ashlee's Nail Salon", something that they would really like to do in real life.  They produced one slide on powerpoint that included at least one picture, a title, and an ad that included at least 3 facts and 3 opinions.  It also was to be persuasive, using persuasive techniques that we studied a while back.  Again, they loved making these ads and were intent while they worked.  The best part..... as I showed them to the class on the projector, the students kept a tally for each ad to assure that there were 3 facts and 3 opinions.  Voila!  Grading done during class!


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