Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pinterest Find

Have you seen this pencil sharpener on Pinterest?  
I have looked at this sharpener with a mixture of skepticism and desire for about two years now.  Could it really be that quiet and functional at the same time?  Well, I finally broke down and bought, not one, but a whole 3 pack!  I'm willing to gamble when it is not MY money.  I ordered this on my room order.   And....they arrived before school was out this year!  Oh so exciting!  The verdict......YES!  It is quiet enough to talk over AND it is very effective at the sharpening thing!  I unpacked just one.  My students knew how excited I was by all the squeals and exclamations I was making.  Who would be the first to get to try it out?  Well, me, of course.  So, I demonstrated the process of how to use the sharpener.  The results were oooohhhed and ahhhhhed over for sure.  The only bad thing was that I didn't quite trust the students to use it without supervision.  I found myself going over to supervise every time someone went near the thing.  I'm sure the new will wear off over time.  So, if you have some extra school money to spend, I give this product a big thumbs up!


  1. ITA! This pencil sharpener is worth a thumbs up! I spent my own money on one after hearing everyone rave about for so long! My sixers LOVED it! The only drawback is that colored pencils don't work in it.

  2. I have been wishing & longing to get one in my classroom...I might have to break down & order one with my own $$, then if I can show the Principal their benefits, possibly get them to compensate me or order another one for my classroom....here's to hoping...

  3. I bought a 3 pack at the tail end of last year with my team teacher. I don't mind paying if it is going to last. I looked at a lot of reviews trying to find how long they lasted. It seems a year or two. As far as I'm concerned that is awesome! I am so tired of the cheap manual and electric sharpeners breaking within a month or two. I taught fourth and fifth grade last year. This year I moved down to third and fourth grades with my team teacher. So far so good. They have already far out lasted the others. If a pencil sharpener last more than a month with rambunctious elementary kids it definitely gets my vote! --- It does jam every so often when a point breaks off inside but I just unscrew the handle dump out the point and away we go!