Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pinterest Find

Have you seen this pencil sharpener on Pinterest?  
I have looked at this sharpener with a mixture of skepticism and desire for about two years now.  Could it really be that quiet and functional at the same time?  Well, I finally broke down and bought, not one, but a whole 3 pack!  I'm willing to gamble when it is not MY money.  I ordered this on my room order.   And....they arrived before school was out this year!  Oh so exciting!  The verdict......YES!  It is quiet enough to talk over AND it is very effective at the sharpening thing!  I unpacked just one.  My students knew how excited I was by all the squeals and exclamations I was making.  Who would be the first to get to try it out?  Well, me, of course.  So, I demonstrated the process of how to use the sharpener.  The results were oooohhhed and ahhhhhed over for sure.  The only bad thing was that I didn't quite trust the students to use it without supervision.  I found myself going over to supervise every time someone went near the thing.  I'm sure the new will wear off over time.  So, if you have some extra school money to spend, I give this product a big thumbs up!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Slump

Well, I must say I'm kind of ashamed of myself!  I had the delusion that I would do better on my blog during the summer when I had "more time".  As you can see from the date of my last post, that theory has been proven wrong! 
I do have an awesome excuse.  I was selected to the "dream team" for Learnzillion!  I had a fantastic time in San Francisco (all expenses paid!!) learning to create high quality lessons based on the common core standards for their website.  Late this fall, be sure to visit Learnzillion.com for FREE lessons and text resources.  Each lesson will be created by a talented teacher who will have spent many, many hours delving deeply into the text.  The reading lessons will all be based on text dependent questions, and the writing lessons will also be based on the same text.  Can't wait!  But that's my excuse.  My many, many hours on Learnzillion lessons have occupied most of my time this summer.

My friend, Katie, at "Sparking the Mind" has been doing a much better job keeping her blog up to date and full of terrific teaching tips.  She is celebrating reaching 100 followers on both her blog and her store at TpT.  Her celebration is good news for YOU!  She is throwing a huge giveaway.  Several TpT stores have donated items to be given away, including me.  Head on over to Mind Sparks and get yourself entered.