Thursday, December 12, 2013

Figurative Language Fun Project

Have you used yet?   My students had a great time using it to create figurative language movies this week.  I let them play around on the site for about 20 minutes one day in order to get them excited as well as become familiar with how to use all the features of the site.  They were so excited to start making the movies, they didn't give a thought to the fact that they knew nothing about figurative language yet! 

I made them suffer through actually learning about the different types of figurative language the entire next week.  Day 1, we watched a powerpoint while completing a figurative language guide.  The guides were then glued into our interactive notebooks for later reference.  Day 2, we played "Scoot"  with figurative language cards.  Day 3, we practiced identifying different types of figurative language through reading a "figurative language loaded passage."  Day 4, we read the same passage but worked on interpreting the meaning of the figurative language.  Day 5, we became "experts".  I had each student draw a slip out of a basket.  The slips were labeled with a type of figurative language.  Their assignment was to become the expert on that particular type, and then write a script for a movie in which one character explained it to another character.  They were to include a definition, give three example sentences, and use humor to make it entertaining.  The motivation was to create a movie that a 3rd - 5th grade teacher could use to introduce that type of figurative language to their class. 
After the scripts were written, they were FINALLY ready to go to the computer lab to create their movies.  This took most students about an hour total over the course of two days.  The results were surprising to me.  I teach the struggling readers and sometimes I am disappointed in the quality of projects.  Not this time!  They were really fun to watch, and as a bonus, students helped me grade by listening to be sure each movie had the definition and three examples.  I was able to be done grading as soon as we were done watching. 

I can think of many other uses for  The added motivation of getting to use this fun website really keeps students engaged!  I'm thinking about a way to use it for Social Studies next. 
If you are interested in the figurative language loaded passages....well, they aren't available in my TpT store yet.  My students were very helpful in helping me proofread these, so I have some corrections to make before posting them.  However, they are probably one of my favorite products.  They were a little too challenging for my students, so we completed them with partners.  The conversations as they worked were AWESOME!  I wanted to take pictures of them working so hard.   Everyone was engaged and participating.  It really was one of my favorite moments of this year.  I anticipate having these available soon since a big two week Christmas break is coming up. Enjoy your holidays!

Here is one of my favorite videos.  The author of this video usually meets very little success.  The kids loved hers so much they clapped, which made her day!  She did forget to add several periods, so some of it is hard to understand.  However, that was a lesson in itself in my room.  

animals talking about idioms. by 237841764 on GoAnimate